Our genius Shakespeare mommy and baby class is based on a premise that regularly doing Shakespeare rewires your brain and connects distant parts of your brains in a better synchronicity. That has been proven to prevent alzheimer’s and other degenerative illnesses but when applied to babies it multiplies and fortifies the young one’s brain synapses appealing to 100 billion neurons which is nearly twice as many neurons as adults, that are still in development.


We are the first class offering superior art for development and actively involving parents into diving into the world of the bard.


In this weekly workshops for babies and their parents we will use brilliant parts of Shakespeare’s text and blend them with physical and motoric exercises to develop baby’s sense of self, surroundings and the correlation between words, body and symbolic meaning while strengthening the bond between parent and the infant. These exercises will act as well as intention spells for baby’s prosperity and create positive affirmations for the parent-child couple.